Are you a lawyer or notary?

Wherever you are, apply and join our International Trusted Network.

Digital trust with technology alone is not enough. Human action to control the real identity of individuals and entities is essential. To perform verifications, Uniksign relies on an international network of independent professional registration authorities: lawyers, notaries, in good standing with the licensing authority of their professional practice (code of ethics and professional code).

Our lawyers and notaries are located in more than thirty countries.

What if you become a UnikSign Certifier?

Legal professionnals, join the UnikSign Network of Certifiers, get free portal and mobile tools offered by UnikSign. Get a new stream of revenue through certification requets.

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We need you to…


The individuals identity, in person


The type and jurisdiction of an entity, its directors and officers


The role of all its representatives duly authorized to represent the entity and its relations with third parties.

Your benefits

Recurrent remuneration at a single global rate

In exchange for your services, UnikSign Technologies Inc. guarantees you a recurring remuneration on each file you validate, at a fixed rate.

An International exposure

You are also identified in our Certifiers search engine available to all our clients, guaranteeing exposure and international interaction with thousands of companies worldwide.

Free available work tools

UnikSign Technologies Inc. provides UnikSign Certifying Network attorneys or notaries with tools to facilitate the verification and certification process, including a comprehensive certification management portal.

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