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The additional lock to for the electronic signature, and the governance, risk and compliance.

The electronic signature pitfall

If your business requires electronic signatures between you, your customers and your suppliers, you know that the electronic signature solutions out there are not flawless.

The cost of due diligence

Completing a due diligence is complex and expensive, especially in a context of market globalization that makes the auditing process of suppliers even more difficult.

The risk of document fraud

In a the context of document exchanges, it is essential to prevent falsification and fraud of documents. Most electronic document management systems (EDMs and even ERP) protect data not further than the authors, dates, sources and types.

The UnikSign offer

Unique, trusted, standardized, fast and affordable certification solution delivered by a global network of qualified professionals.


Value-added certification

Certifications performed by UnikSign guarantee that the identity of those who participate in a business relationship and their role in an organization have been verified by a qualified professional.

Reliable and affordable local certification

UnikSign's certifications are strictly controlled and can only be performed by a lawyer or a notary who is a member in good standing of its professional order in the country where the service is rendered. The price of this service is controlled and determined by UnikSign.

Interoperable certification

Certifications made by UnikSign integrate with all documents produced in a business relationship, which ensures complete interoperability of information over time.

Who’s Uniksign for?

I am a
Physical Person

Get your verified digital identity by obtaining an advanced electronic signature

I am an

Protect individual accountability of Directors and improve governance processes

The UnikSign Solutions

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A service, a network and guarantees

Your recognized digital identity, at a fixed, hassle-free price

UnikSign uses a network of lawyers and notaries around the world. The services provided by this network meet audit standards and are consistently delivered worldwide according to UnikSign’s patented processes. These unique rates are defined and supervised by UnikSign thus ensuring international recognition of your digital identity.

A very high added value service delivered in a few hours

When a certification service request is made by a company (first time or renewal) it is transmitted by UnikSign to a registration authority according to the country and the jurisdiction or also by preference.

Controls are performed on the basis of the certifications requested by the authority for the entities, eg verification of public registers, roles and governance rules etc. A video conference tool is available to registration authorities to execute their mandate online.

Certificates are issued to the company in the shortest timeframe possible.

3 levels of certification

Companies can access 3 different levels of certification:

  • Level 1: Certification of structure certification(type and jurisdiction). I want to validate the entity legitimacy I am dealing with.
  • Level 2: Control Certification (Structure and Administrators). I must ensure that the signatory has obtained from the Board the signature authority.
  • • Level 3: Governance certification (Control and role). Because, I need to be sure that the signatory has the liability to represent the entity engagement.

Subscribe and access to the global directory of the certified companies

The certification of a legal entity and the validation of a physical person identify are regrouped in a fully digitalized companies repository (Establishing a level of trust that can be shared globally). This level of trust is available to subscribers guaranteeing a high level of security in their business relationships and the use of electronic transactions.

“Notre agence d’interim signe plusieurs centaines de contrats de travail par jour. Grâce à la signature digitale vérifiée de UnikSign, nous avons gagné 5h par signature de contrat. ”

J.Z.Directeur d’agence Sud-Ouest d’une Société d’intérim Française

“La vérification et la certification systématique de nos fournisseurs comme préalable de nos contrats nous permettent de prévenir et réduire au minimum le risque de fraude. Cette validation est aussi opérée dans nos filiales à travers le monde”

O.M.Directeur des Achats auprès d’un fabricant international de pièces électriques